Will a contractor bidding on Illinois Tollway projects be required to belong to its respective Unions?

According to Tollway Executive Director Greg Bedalov “The tollway does not have a (multi) project labor agreement any more.”

Source: Daily Herald

Board meeting minutes


Does a contractor have to provide a performance bond?

Yes. The lowest responsive bid contractor that wins the bid must provide a performance bond. This bond is a guarantee that either the contractor or another firm will complete the project to perform the work in accordance with all of the provisions of the contract. This is not an added cost, if a contractor has done their bid correctly they have included the price of the performance bond into their bid.


Does a contractor have to provide a bid bond?

Yes. The bid bond will be used for Proposal Guaranty.


Does the Tollway require a pre-qualification from IDOT?

For a Prime Contractor bidder:
Yes. The Illinois Tollway follows the procurement rules set by the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) for the procurement of construction and professional services, meaning you must be prequalified as a prime contractor.

For a Subcontractor:
No. However to participate as a subcontractor on an Illinois Tollway project, a contractor must register as a Subcontractor with IDOT.


What certifications does the Tollway accept?

The Tollway accepts the DBE, MBE and WBE certifications awarded by the City of Chicago, Cook County, CTA, IDOT, Metra, or Pace. They also accept the VOBE (Veteran Owned Business Enterprise) from Central Management Services (CMS) of the State of Illinois as well as the 8A certification from the Small Business Administration (SBA). If a firm does not currently have certification and wants to work on other transportation projects with the State of Illinois (IDOT) or the USDOT you must have DBE certification. Please contact a Construction Business Specialist at one of the CBDC locations to assist you in this matter (see locations at the bottom of this page).

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