Are You Ready to Get Started?

Thanks for your interest in the Illinois Tollway’s Technical Assistance Program. Please follow these instructions carefully.

1. Review your eligibility.

Applicants must possess the following:
  • Experience in a construction-related industry
  • Business license in the state of Illinois
  • Federal Employer Identification Number
  • Basic bookkeeping skills
  • Computer access and basic computer skills

2. Please fill out the form below.

All fields are required. You’ll first enter your full name and business email address, and then you’ll follow the yellow prompts as you fill out the application.

Once you’ve filled out the DocuSign form, you’ll then click on the signature field to sign your name, and then press the “Finish” button to electronically send your application to us.

3. That’s It!

The CBDC will review your application to determine your needs and then develop a customized technical assistance plan. If you are not eligible for the program based on the criteria listed above, we will refer you to other sources.